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FASNY's publication strives to bring topical, educational and entertaining information to the volunteer emergency service decision-makers and volunteers throughout New York State. It offers feature articles and columns directly relating to the emergency services including content about training and education opportunities, legislation, how-to articles, real-life experience, and more.
Your advertising dollars directly support the production and distribution of The Volunteer Firefighter™, the only publication on which volunteers depend for information, education and training specific to their unique industry.

50,000 copies of each issue will be delivered to key decision-makers in New York State every other month achieving a readership of around 100,000.

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  • Safety Gear
  • Disaster Relief
  • Valves & Gauges
  • Leasing & Loans
  • Sirens
  • Monitors & Radio Communication
  • Technology

FASNY's Mission Statement:
"To maintain, support, and serve the volunteer fire service of New York, its firefighters, and the public they protect through education, legislation, communication, recognition and community service."

FASNY provides information on fire prevention, fire suppression, fire police, fire chiefs, fire training, legislation, civil service, fire department and company operations, fire districts and fire protection districts and maintains the Firemen’s Home and the Museum of Firefighting in Hudson, New York. The Volunteer Firefighter™ serves as the conduit for FASNY to disseminate this information to the volunteer services throughout and across New York State.

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