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The Volunteer Firefighter™

Space reservations and materials for print-ready ads are due by the 1st of the month prior to the publication month. Space reservations and materials for non-print-ready ads are due the 1st of the month, two months prior to publication. The Volunteer Firefighter™ reserves the right to refuse any advertisement for any reason.

Cancellation Costs:
No cancellation will be accepted after the space closing date or you will be billed the contracted rate for your space.

Billing Information:

Advertising charges are to be pre-paid until credit is established. Initial ad is always pre-paid.
Invoices are payable upon receipt. Interest at the rate of 1.5% per month will be charged on outstanding account balances 30 days past due. Mechanical charges, costs of artwork and file conversion charges are not commissionable. Make checks payable to FASNY.
Cash Discounts:
3% discount if an entire schedule is pre-paid.

Additional Charges:
Premiums apply to preferred and requested positions – add 15% to posted earned rate and are on a first-come basis. Final charges are subject to inspection of submitted print-ready art. Additional charges will apply if text or copy changes are required.

Technical Data:

Print-ready, high-resolution PDF files are preferred for full-color ads. Minimum 1/8” for ad bleeds. All
images should be at 300 dpi, and fonts should be embedded.

The Volunteer Firefighter™ is composed in the latest version of Adobe InDesign on Macintosh
computers. Any file submitted electronically must either be composed in Adobe InDesign or importable
into Adobe InDesign (PDF, EPS, TIF, etc.). All fonts (screen and post script) and high-resolution artwork must accompany the ad. CDs and DVDs are acceptable media. There will be an additional $100 minimum charge for any other file formats or media that need to be converted.

A minimum charge of $100 will be added for assembling extra elements or altering your ad and an
earlier deadline will be in effect. 300 dpi artwork is accepted. Ad prices (on next page) reflect cost for digital, print-ready art submitted either electronically or on CD and/or DVD. Any ad submitted that needs to be altered in any way is subject to an additional minimum $100 charge.

We reserve the right to add borders to any ad that is too small or “floats” in its reserved space unless
otherwise specified and agreed to. Any ad deemed significantly oversized will be run in the next larger ad size space and will be billed accordingly.

Any CD/DVD will be stored for 12 months and then destroyed unless prior return instructions are
received in writing. Include a SASE for a return of your materials.

Graphics & Design Services:
Available and quoted on request.

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